19.12.2012 20:10

Day of the Dragon Hunt

Application for the new upcomming hunt in April started! Join and enjoy the best hunts in SL :)  
16.10.2012 17:39

Time Table for Night-of-the-Wolf Hunt

30th Nov - end of app 2nd - 5th Dec - hunt prim will be sent to merchants with all LMs in it 2nd Dec 5am - walk to see if sign is out 1st - 14th Dec - please send me pics of your hunt prize (FULL PERM!) to display it in the blog to show the quality of your store and of the hunt (obtional - is...
07.10.2012 18:45

App for New Hunt starts!

New Hunt "Night of a Wolf" will run from 15th Dec to 15th Jan - Apps are now welcomed  
01.10.2012 14:00


The Hunt is opend :) Have fun!
16.09.2012 22:18

Walk Through

Final Walk Through will be at Sunday, 30th September  
16.09.2012 19:27

Hunt Items are out

Hunt item was sent to all merchants  
16.08.2012 18:53


App ends at 15th of September  
14.08.2012 11:20


The Tears of a Clown Hunt will run from October 1st till October 31th 2012

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